Shenyang Ziyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., based in Hunan Industrial Development Zone of Shenyang City was found in 2003, and holds the lead in domestic environment protection industry. Ziyuan is an integrated company that experts in environmental protection project construction, environmental protection product sales, environmental technology development and environment protection product investment.
Shenyang Ziyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has been developing its business under an environmental... more
The sewage depth treatment
The sewage depth treatment technology (advanced wastewater treatment technology) is also calle...
Sea Water Desalination Enginee
The seawater desalination technology refers to utilizing the seawater desalination to produce the...
Soil Restoration
The soil remediation refers to utilizing the physical, chemical and biological methods to transf...
Atmospheric Controlling
The methods adopted at present in the item of atmospheric deodorization include the biological m...
Precision Filter
Heating supply system
Other water treatment system
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